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When you make a decision to create your own website you should take into consideration that you have to pay for the internet space for your site as well. Usually hosting companies offer you various hosting plans according to your needs and your budget and assure you that your site won’t need any other plan in future.

Besides hosting and further maintenance

Besides hosting and further maintenance their package of services may include sitebuilding as well .So you can create a website on the basis of the hosting company. Such an offer may sound rather tempting as you do not have any particular programmer or designer skills and special software.

What we offer you is the vice versa solution – to make your own website with a sitebuilder that provides you with unlimited hosting and server not overloaded with thousands of other sites.

Site2you provides you with unlimited hosting which opens new opportunities for you:
– Choosing our sitebuilder you get unlimited number of pages in a hosting space in addition. In fact now you don’t need to shrink your information and files into just a few pages when you make a website.
– Our independent server gives you unlimited space so that you can download any amount of files (video, PDF, text or any other type) to your site.
– Unlimited bandwidth allows any number of visitors to come to your site at one time and download any information they want. So let us build a website for you! We won’t make your clients wait in line to see it!
– Finally you can have as many emails connected with your website address as you want.

Site2you made one standard Package affordable for any company – even the smallest one. So now you can create a website and maintain it at comparatively low price.

Create a website and make sure it will help your company grow and make additional income flow for your business.

Nowadays you can build a website that can be easily changed and edited by any unqualified person. You don’t have to stick to a particular structure and limited amount of information. Site2you expands all borders.

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