The One Thing Your Copy Must Absolutely Contain

The One Thing Your Copy Must Absolutely Contain

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Offer Your Customers Benefits!

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As a small business operator, what is your task, beyond the day to day minutiae of running your business? It’s getting the word out about your business and inspiring people to take action through buying your products and/or services.

Now, we focus on small business entrepreneurs doing their own copywriting here at


Our dedication is to helping you produce quality copy that gets results… greater customer engagement, more sales, more profits.

Therefore, to achieve this, your copy absolutely must contain one thing or you’re wasting your time. What is this one thing?

It can be summed up in one phrase: A BENEFIT to Your Customers

Big, bold and beautiful is how your customers see ‘BENEFIT.’ Really, when you think about it, why would they bother to come to your shop or your website unless they expected something beneficial from you?

Your customers are busy people. They have no time for businesses that do not offer value. Customers have problems that need resolving. They have issues that must be addressed. They look for products and services that solve problems, address issues, and make life easier for themselves.

Your job, regarding small business copywriting, is to convince them that you are the answer to the above-mentioned. You must convince them that you will supply the benefit they are seeking.

Consequently, any piece of copy you set out to write must have this thrust behind it. It’s the foundation of good copy that speaks directly to and empathizes with your customers.

Your email blast concerning your latest product or service must not be a dispatch tooting your own horn as an astute business. It must be a message that trumpets the value of the product or service to the customer.

When you write this email, or any other type of copy, you must craft it from your customers POV.

How will they respond to this message?

Is it as important to them as it is to you? Or is it destined for the trash bin because you focused on you (getting the sale) and not the customer (meeting a need).

Even something as plain and simple as a weekly flyer must offer a benefit to your target market. This benefit is what will spur them to visit your place of business or check out your website.

I remember years ago (it seems like the Dark Ages now), operating a small food store and finally offering movie rentals to my customers. That was the 1980’s and it was VHS tapes back then. I told you it was the Dark Ages in light of today’s technology!

Advertising promoting this centered on convenience. It wasn’t the fact that we had VHS tapes and VCRs to rent out. It wasn’t the plethora of movie titles we offered. Although all of this was important, it was the benefit of having a movie library at your corner grocer that drove interest in the community.

Sales took off immediately. We promoted the benefit of total convenience at your local convenience/food market. No more trips to a too far way video store. Pick up your bread, milk, newspaper and a movie all in one shot.

The BENEFIT to our customers was real

It had to do with them. It had to do with making their lives less complicated, even if it was in this small way.

Your copy, in whatever form you decide to produce it, must convey a benefit. Make your customers lives less complicated, solve their problems, and provide real solutions. Make this clear in all your copy as you market and promote your business.

You will benefit from this just as they benefit from what you are offering them.